The world is so loud these days, one can barely hear themselves, their inner self, their conscience! Everyone seems to be advising us on how to live or how to do something – the mentors on how to manage our finances, how to run our relationships, the religious leaders on how to stay close to God, how to stay moral, what is right and what is wrong, the multimedia on which politician is bad or good, the Motivators keep pushing and pulling at our will, friends keep airing their opinions on everything we do or say and don’t do or say, parents keep reminding us of what they expect of us….
One needs to pull away sometimes, withdraw, because there is a need to preserve self, there is a need to preserve the uniqueness we possess. There is a need to still know who we truly are away from all these influences, what we stand for, our goals and our true passions! One needs to stop the performance and act to meet the expectations of those around us. Rise up, be you, be authentic! You were created, designed, and adapted to do certain specific things and when you find them you will effortlessly shine at them.
Switch off your phone, get off the social media, turn off the TV, leave everyone and go ahead, withdraw, pull away, go to the sahara desert alone for a few days, have your own retreat, go on vacation alone, go for that pizza alone, take that walk alone, take that trip alone…you need some alone-time to rethink your life and find out who you are and what you stand for away from all the prior influence. SELAH


She is a perfect melange of strength and a specific fragility (only towards me!). With a mind as sound as a bell, eyes slit and piercing with a reflection of unmistaken kindness, she radiates a beauty that makes me want to continually stare into her eyes. A thinker, carefully sorting through everything she intends to say, she shines out from the rest of us that often say things without a thought. With the air of importance, the grace of a peacock, the kindness of a mother, and the persistence of a pounding wave at sea, she has totally convinced my heart beyond a doubt that she is the perfect woman for me! Her nose small, not pointed, not flat but something in between, her lips a soft calm almost-pink colour, smooth, almost full yet thin when compared to mine, white sparkling pearls for teeth that shine out when that warm smile reflects the rise of a million suns,….I can not help but fall in love with her over and over again! Then there is her curvy body, her breasts, hips and booty….SEXY is the word you are looking for! A real work of divine art! This beauty is surely unrivaled!


In Matthew 5 we read about the most common sermon of the Lord Jesus. The crowds were gathering, Jesus Christ saw His opportunity to impact this body of people with the power in His words. His words are forever full of life, refreshing upon our hearts like the morning dew settling upon the fields. As the Master sat down, the crowds struggled to make themselves comfortable for they knew He was about to refresh them with His teachings. The children took their positions by their parents, mothers quieted their babies, men sat expectant and silence rested upon them as He begun to open His mouth. The gentle wind blowing, even the sun overhead seemed to beam with anticipation at the teaching of the Lord. Ever so gentle, the Lord taught with a gentleness yet a firmness, often a smile of assurance flashing across His face- a smile which said ‘I am here to save you, I am for you.’ For the Lord knew that love is the channel of communication, where there is nolove there is no communication. Then He spoke words that seemed ordinary yet possessed the force of the Creator and comfort of the true Comforter. He opened the people’s eyes to truths that sustain humanity. He taught them how blessed it was to recognize your true condition so you can reach out to God for help, He taught them the seed to see certain blessings come forth. He taught them the seed for receiving the Kingdom was realization of the need for God. He taught them that the seed for receiving the Comforters ministry, that is the Spirit’s anointing was mourning over the spiritually dead- those who know not the Lord Jesus. He taught them the seed for having eyes stayed upon God was having a pure life, singly dedicated to God without worldly pollutions. Again He taught them the seed for receiving mercy was showing mercy to others, the Lord was such an endearing teacher. He totally captivated the people’s attention and got them wanting for more. His teachings left them wanting more, His teachings brought life where there was death, His teachings restored hope to the hopeless people. He reached out to the outcasts in society and taught them, for He was a teacher who sought to reach all. This Jesus Christ is still the same today- ‘Hebrews 13:8; Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.’ He still has such powerful and awakening teachings. Teachings that are simple enough to be understood by all, yet still powerful enough to stir in us a holy desire for more of those divine lessons.- ‘Psalms 119:130; The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.’ Jesus Christ is the teacher who does not only speak to the mind of men, but speaks to the heart. His words invade the heart, His words fill the heart and illuminate the entire soul with the light of heaven.


I’m working on my book titled “LOVE LETTERS TO JESUS CHRIST.” Here is a quotation from this great book;
“…As a young teenager I made up my mind to seek Him intensely on experiencing the baptism in the Spirit at fifteen years of age. Often in prayer my tongue failed to express my heart and tears did the speaking. I did not even know what I wanted, let alone what I wanted to say. Oh those tears spoke volumes to Him, the salty taste of the tears on my tongue seemed to tell my tongue, ’Sit back tongue, we the tears will take it on from here!’ The groanings of the Spirit mentioned in Romans 8:26 came to my aide. My tongue retrieved and on and on rolled down my tears as I felt my entire being weep, saying ”Jesus, dear Lord, I need You…I need You!” I believe I experienced the intensity Hannah experienced as she cried out to God to give her a baby. This baby grew up to become the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 1:10; And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the LORD and wept in anguish.). Even the Lord Jesus got to this intensity of spirit, (Hebrews 5:7; who, in the days of His flesh, when He had offered up prayers and supplications, with vehement cries and tears to Him who was able to save Him from death, and was heard because of His godly fear,). When intensity is in your spirit, soon it will boil and spill out into your soul and body. Every fibre of my body seemed to scream out for the Lord during those times of prayer, for my longing for the Lord overwhelmed me and like David the psalmist my spirit cried out ‘As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God.’ Only the hungry seek for the Lord….”


“It is when two are alone that the depth of hearts are revealed, in the seclusion of the rest of the world is the flow of love uninterrupted. In the same way, every bridegroom desires to spend time alone with his bride to express himself to her. The Bible clearly refers to the church as the bride of the Lord Jesus, such as in the parable in Matthew 25 and also in Revelation 22:17. Our fellowship with other brethren will ‘widen’ our knowledge of the Lord Jesus, but our personal fellowship with the LordJesus will ‘deepen’ our knowledge of Him. When your walk with the Lord is deep there is a firmness you possess in the face of opposition, yet those with a wide knowledge of the Lord may be outspoken and yet not practical- they seem to be only talkers. However both depth and wideness of the relationship with the Lord are necessary. To have a deep intimacy with the Lord is to have your relationship with Him be anchored on love and nothing else, so that this love will be the seed out of which fruit comes. Fruit is the manifestation of the seed which is hidden under the ground. However to have a wide relationship with the Lord is to have your relationship anchored on superficial knowledge concerning Him, the accumulated facts you possess concerning the Lord-this is ‘knowing about’ the Lord, not ‘knowing’ the Lord. That is why it is written “1 Corinthians 8:1; …Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.” Knowledge (accumulated facts) will only puff up someone, whereas the love of God will strengthen and build the person. It is not what we do in public that counts the most, but rather what we do in private. What you will do in public is only a fruit of what you do in private- the seed is private whereas the fruit is public. We all need to have quiet time with the Lord, time when you set aside to enjoy His presence. You may start from as little as five minutes or even less, it is okay because that is just the beginning and it is written ‘Zechariah 4:10; For who has despised the day of small things? For these seven rejoice…’, the Lord rejoices over the small beginnings, for it is like a mother who claps and encourages her baby as the baby makes the first steps. Set aside that time for your Bridegroom, He desires to spend time with you and share a lot with you, for He is your Bridegroom who loves you beyond your wildest imagination. No one has ever loved you or will ever love you as much as the Prince of Peace does. Do not be fooled by ‘religion’ and get diplomatic with Him, but be free with Him and fully discuss your life with Him. For where there is love there is freedom.”


It happened again today-I’ll tell you what as you read on!Now Algeria has become home away from home!Much of the experience is good, but there are 3 questions many,not all,Algerians will always nag the BLACK foreign student with;
1.The first time he/she meets you,even before knowing your name,he/she will ask “ARE YOU A MUSLIM?!” They’ll not ask ‘What’s you religion?’ but instead they’ll ask ‘Are you a Muslim?’
2.Then the 2nd question will be,”ARE YOU FROM MALI?”.This is because the instability in Mali,in the South of Algeria,has brought an influx of Malinationals into Algeria.Personally I think it’s an insult really to assume I’m a REFUGEE!

3.The 3rd isn’t really a question as such,they’ll say,with a bright smile “IF YOU NEED ANYTHING,COME TO ME!”.Don’t be so naive to take it literally,he/she is only being polite.
PS;If you haven’t dealt with atleast one of the issues here,then you haven’t been to Algeria yet!


I shared about the homosexual bill in Uganda with someone and he started trying hard to explain to me how homosexuality is just an alternative way of living and not wrong, he was urging me to be open-minded;In my silence I was thinking ‘IF YOU ARE SO OPEN-MINDED, YOUR BRAIN MAY FALL OUT OF YOUR HEAD!’

You know with some of us, when God says it, that settles it, no further debate! So we close our minds to all other views!


Someone made me write this poem, and she knows herself…
Love is a rose that blooms,
Within the human heart.
With petals soft and fragrant,
Strife and pain are set apart.

Petals tightly closed in intimacy,
Bathed in the morning dew.
With sparkles of water-drops anew,
Bloodthirsty thorns restrain my touch.

Thorns of this rose,sacrifices of this love,
So I love you inspite of.
The breathtaking petals,just part of love,
So I do not love you because of.

You fill my heart with warmth,
With the drawing warmth in your eyes.
Yet the cold in your character destroys your worth,
Causing this heart to be as cold as a stone.

Like a thorny rose,I endure you,
For my loss of a tear drop,
Seems to bathe the love in you.
So I cling on to this hope.

When the songs of beauty cease,
And I feel so alone.
With all my soul,with great ease,
I will love you,my heart cold as stone.



I woke up feeling lucky that day. I bounced around the house with a smile from ear to ear almost tearing my face as I told my dad a very loud good morning greeting. He stared at me for a while as if wondering if I was about to ask him for money before replying with his usual sombre moods. He reached into his pockets and I crossed both my fingers knowing I was about to even get luckier – in my heart I sang, “This is the day that the Lord has made…”. But my joy was short lived when he told me to go and pay the electricity bill with that money. The words hit me in the face like a bucket of cold water almost freezing the very air in my lungs!

So as I walked to the Electricity company, I saw this nice brand new car, a range rover, and it was for the lottery. I thought I felt lucky so I figured I would buy a raffle ticket for this brand new car and I would explain things to dad like an adult, like a man! When I got home I waited when my dad was at his best, taking his evening tea, then I told him, explaining that was about to get for him a brand new range rover….. he beat the crap out of me before I could even finish! He beat me like a thief and called me every name under earth, maybe he was right though.

Then the next morning, still feeling lucky, my dad came and woke me up saying he was sorry he beat me because there was a brand new car, a range rover, parked outside our home! His voice was shaking with excitement. I jumped out of bed in my shorts, grabbed the nearest shirt I could find, and together we rushed to open the gate. There, standing proudly and looking at us with a slight grin, was the Electricity man. He proudly leaned on his range rover and told us, because we were staring at that brand new car, that his brother just shipped it in for him as a wedding gift! He handed my dad a disconnection order and went on to turn our electricity off! Eish! All the feelings of luck dissipated as the truth hit me, that I was about to get another beating after he leaves. I did not look at my dad, but I could feel his glare fixed on me as if about to burn holes through me with his fiery look!

My dad beat the crap out of me again!!!


“Geoff, you became boring due to this pharmacy thing! You used to be really fun like wine, but now you’re like water!” Said my friend and he inspired this response out of me….

If you walked into a room and found a table of drinks like juices, wines, sodas, milk, tea, coffee, water etc, chances are I would be the water! I’m quite tasteless and void of excitement if you stop at seeing me as a glass ofwater or in a glass of water – I don’t club, drink, watch soccer, smoke, know the latest movies, know the celebrities etc!

But then I dare you to stretch your vision, come with me to my world and you’ll realize I’m vast and deep as the sea, for I’m the water as earlier said! I’m strong and resilient as the waves of the oceans pounding against a cliff, yes I’m that water, but not the one in the glass! I can lift your dreams, your boats & ships, and sail them across the world because I am that water! I’m the calm blue sea, wide with unsearchable depth, yes I am that water so I could drown you, for I am the deep blue sea!

So when you see me, do not see me in a glass but as the vast sea, deep and wide – I am the water and I am more than what meets the eye!!!